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I’ve a question for you. Can you explain what there is a torrent site? I logged to one and followed a recommendation of a co worker. There is A torrent brief for BitTorrent that’s a technology used to distribute files. Like any technology, it may be used positively or negatively. Torrents can accelerate the downloading of files.

These advertisements are more inclined to contain malware, which is software designed to cause damage. By infecting computers, malware is written to earn money, sites frequently do that as an affordable way to earn money they don’t care if they cause injury! – torrent websites are capable of infecting a pc by you visiting with it if you aren’t currently protecting yourself with Internet security applications that is good and by preventing using the Internet Explorer browser. Find best siti torrent italiani.

Beyond the danger of visiting with a website, a lot are infected with malware that was dangerous. Its well known this Apples Mac computers have an inclination computers do, but the threats for Macs that I remember from the last several years have come from downloading material from websites such as these. And its a problem for Microsoft Windows computers. One study Ive says that up to 47% of zero day malware is distributed through BitTorrent.

Finally, beyond the possible dangers to your computer posed by torrent websites along with other file trading websites, theres a very real danger to your wallet. The recording industry, including the music and film businesses have been very aggressively pursuing individuals who perform illegal file sharing and are happy to sue you for a ton of cash if they catch you.

And believe me, they could afford better lawyers than you or I! – Internet Service Providers will frequently shut down your connection to the internet if they detect you have been sharing documents illegally, so theres that danger too. So my advice is to stay away from torrent sites.